How can a Swine Software improve my swine farm profitability?

We will give some examples on why managing your business with SmartFarmr will raise your pig farm's efficiency and improve your benefits.

  1. Reducing periods will increase a swine farm production
    Shorten periods
    If we correctly manage all the informations about the sows we will know for sure when the weaning will be and when we can cover them again. Thus we can control periods and reduce intervals between births. At the end the result will be more births per year and more piglets. And the more piglets, the more money.
  2. Decreasing mortality improves the pig farm profitability
    Decrease death rate
    The operations during births are a key factor in your farm’s performance. If you know when each birth is supposed to happen you will be able to make a better planning in order to take care of the animals. As a consequence, obviously, you will decrease your death rate and improve your business.
  3. Improving piglets adoptions will increase your pig farm benefits
    More and better adoptions
    Each sow has its own reproductive history. We know how many piglets the sow usually gives birth and how many piglets is able to nurse so, we can choose which "mothers" can make adoptions and which ones the piglets should be retired from. The piglets will have better attention and at last your productivity will grow.
  4. Planning your pig farm tasks will improve your productivity
    Better planning
    Planning daily activity is very important in any kind of business. SmartFarmr help you with that: weekly reports on the upcoming events, veterinary alerts, mobile notifications...
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